Automated thermoforming press, heating bed, and cut-off saws

This machine automated the process of uniformly heating round extruded vinyl tubes and thermoforming three at time in the ½ million pound press to produce finished contoured porch posts.

Carmover with tridem and grapple tower

An unique rail carmover with tri-drive and center of gravity shift provides the rail industry with a versatile yet powerful tool for tie reclamation project.

Adjustable Height Basketball Standard

A revolutionary design in basketball standards allows for adjustable 5ft to 10ft rim heights in the cleanest look in the industry.

Pipe Lining Equipment for a New Production Line

A complete production line of custom equipment to automate the cement lining process in cast iron pipe production.

Custom Front Loader Attachment

A forklift attachment for large front loaders completes a system for dumping 50,000lb curved shell containers in the railroad tie reclamation process.

Custom Heavy Duty Grappler

A grapple with extra volume capacity and high strength wear resistant steel is idea for abusive environments with demanding applications.